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Akasaka Street, Tokyo
Hello & Welcome to Online Tomodachi Blog

Just someone who love the travel to Japan and are here to share with you about the beautiful country from Brunei Darussalam. Online Tomodachi Blog hopes to meet friends online who share the same passion for Japan. So join our Facebook page to meet up & share your Japan photos & videos with us. If you are planning to visit Japan, read through this blog, you may discover something new. 

Online Tomodachi Blog is based on our trips & experiences in Japan, and also from the knowledge we know about the country. We hope after viewing our blog you will want to visit Japan :-) If you are from Japan, living or ever lived in Japan we welcome you to share with us too. Thank you for visiting Online Tomodachi Blog.

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"This Blog is dedicate to all the Victims of 2011 Japan Earthquake & Tsunami,
Ganbatte Japan :-) May the photos and stories of Japan here reach out to many viewers."